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Save on space and retrieval time with Hanel’s automated storage and retrieval systems


Hanel offers industry-leading vertical small parts storage systems to maximise your warehouse and office space. Their automated storage & retrieval systems utilise vertical storage to significantly increase storage capacity while protecting items from damage and unauthorised access. Industries from fabric/textile manufacturers (clothing and footwear), healthcare/medical as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals, warehousing/distribution centres, machinery and equipment manufacturing, retail, office environments, automotive – dealerships, food and beverage and defence equipment can benefit from these AutomatedStorage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) and goods to person picking systems.

Hanel Lean-Lift: This pallet storage system for automated storage and retrieval features a positioning lift to store containers optimised for height. Closed storage shelves in the front and back ensure items are secure. The Lean-Lift is the ideal solution for efficient and safe storage .

The Multi Space: The Hanel Multi-Space is a high-tech storage and retrieval handling system that offers first-class organisation and efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  • Ergonomic design – minimises physical strain on employees and exceeds safety standards.
  • Efficiency – increases cost-effectiveness of storage and retrieval in the warehouse
  • Customisable features like the Hanel EcoDrive allow for even greater efficiency.
  • Environmental Friendliness – production meets latest environmental guidelines using recyclable materials.

The system itself contributes to CO2 reduction through features like Hanel EcoDrive and intelligent energy management with Hanel EcoMode.

The Rotomat Storage Carousel: Specially designed for warehouses, the industrial Rotomat uses vertical storage to provide up to 80% more floor capacity. It protects parts from dust, light, and access while allowing control through ID/pin code entry. The industrial Rotomat saves warehouse space through height.

The Rotomat Office Carousel: Created for workplaces and offices, the Office Rotomat is a small parts storage system that offers maximum ergonomics and storage in a compact footprint. By utilising available height, it delivers vast storage volume and up to 80% more filing capacity to make the most of expensive office space.

Controllers and Software: Hanel offers advanced controllers and warehouse management software to enable complete transparency and control over your vertical storage systems. This includes high-speed batch picking, tool tracking, and more. With Hanel’s state-of-the-art software solutions, you gain optimum visibility of inventory status.

EcoConcept: Hanel has been developing effective energy-saving technologies for automated storage systems and intralogistics. Even for automated storage and material handling, companies are placing more emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection to conserve natural resources.

Key energy-efficient automated storage machine systems from Hanel:

  • Hanel EcoDrive – Converts kinetic energy from descending extractors into electrical energy to recover up to 40% of the storage system’s energy needs.
  • Hanel EcoLoad – Continuously monitors load distribution to achieve balanced loads, requiring minimal energy to move the storage system.
  • Hanel EcoMode – Puts systems into four energy-saving standby levels when idle for extended periods, minimising energy use.

Energy-efficient systems are crucial for sustainability in warehouses. Hanel’s ongoing optimisation of its pallet storage systems aims to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Hanel pallet storage systems offer numerous benefits and advantages:

  • Save up to 80% of floor space over traditional shelving
  • Optimise warehouse storage density and capacity
  • Improve picking speed and accuracy
  • Increase productivity by reducing search and retrieval times
  • Better inventory oversight and management
  • Ergonomic designs minimise bending, reaching, and heavy lifting
  • Modular and flexible to adapt to future needs
  • Reduce product damage compared to shelves
  • Secure sensitive items and control user access
  • Automated rotation and replenishment of fast-moving goods
  • Integrate barcode scanning and inventory software
  • Create cleaner, safer work environments

Hanel offers a range of space-saving and organisational automated storage systems. These solutions utilise advanced storage and retrieval technology and automated inventory tracking software to optimise product storage and retrieval. With access control features and clean, dust-free environments, Hanel ensures that everything necessary is within reach but also securely stored. Regardless of the industry, Hanel vertical life storage machines offer a flexible and future-ready solution by utilising vertical space. Through automated intelligence, these systems provide efficiency, easy access, and oversight, bringing order to chaotic storage environments.

Are you looking to improve your warehouse with automated storage and retrieval systems?

Contact Headland Technology today to explore how Hanel’s innovative space-saving storage systems can enhance your warehouse efficiency. Our team of Hanel experts will work with you to develop a tailored solution that utilises advanced storage technology and automated inventory tracking software.

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