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The value of OEM-trained and certified service engineers


Headland Technology has an ever-growing team of over 54 service engineers who are OEM-trained and certified directly. Our service engineers enjoy regular training by our OEMs. This training allows our engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest technology from our partners, ensuring the best possible service for your machinery equipment. Our continual investment in OEM training for our service engineer team demonstrates our commitment to the highest quality of service possible. When you purchase high-tech machinery equipment, you can be assured and confident that any servicing or repairs will be up to the highest OEM standards.

Headland Technology recently welcomed Rob, a service engineer from our UK partner CITIZEN, to our Sydney office to train our service engineers on our CITIZEN L32XII and M532VIII in-stock machines.

This allowed our service engineers to acquire skills and knowledge in servicing these models right from the source, a CITIZEN technology expert.

CITIZEN providing OEM training to Headland service engineers

Access to qualified service technicians who are trained and certified by the OEM is invaluable when purchasing high-tech machinery or equipment from us. Our service engineers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their field, ensuring that customers’ equipment is properly serviced and maintained.

Our engineers receive in-depth training directly from the OEM that designed and built the equipment. They gain hands-on knowledge of the product’s components, operational guidelines, troubleshooting techniques, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols. We invest time and resources to ensure that our engineers have mastered the technical intricacies of the equipment.

Authorised servicing minimises downtown

Our OEM-trained engineers are authorised and certified to properly service the equipment. They use genuine OEM parts and follow authorised procedures when performing repairs and scheduled maintenance. This minimises downtime and helps keep warranties intact. Customers can feel confident that work is being done correctly by qualified engineers.

Up-to-date machine features

Our OEMs provide our engineers with the latest software updates, redesigns, and new features. Our engineers have current knowledge that allows them to seamlessly integrate enhancements into existing systems. Their expertise and familiarity with the evolving product provide value for customers.

Faster problem resolution

When issues arise, our OEM-trained and certified engineers have the machine knowledge and diagnostic skills to quickly identify the root cause and implement solutions. Being directly trained by the manufacturer enables them to resolve technical problems faster than non-certified technicians. Faster repairs mean less downtime for the customer.

Looking to give your machines the best service possible?

Upgrade your manufacturing with an OEM-certified partner you can trust. As a leading technology provider, we bring specialised expertise and quality to every partnership. Our superior customer service and repair experience deliver results you can rely on. Partner with us today and get the peace of mind that comes from working with a solutions provider committed to your success.



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